Keith Irwin


Mar 14, 2014

Colombia, Hitchhiking, Panama, Travel, Latin America 2014

This is part of my story of hitchhiking from New York to Buenos Aires and back, which I did in 2014. I may publish the entire tale in a book someday. Until then, you can read it for free here. To see other parts, check out Latin America 2014. 

March 14

The motorboat left the next morning It took more than two hours to get to Turbo, which is a long time to be sitting on a boat I played twenty questions with one of the Frenchmen to pass the time

The harbor was crowded with other boats and ships And the dock was packed with passengers It felt good to have finally crossed the Darien Gap, even though it cost twice as much as I'd expected From here, it was all roads to Argentina!

The gap made me feel like South America is an island You take boats or fly to get there and must do the same to leave Now I was stranded on the massive island The challenge of crossing the gap again would be waiting for me when I made my return trip But I put that out of my mind and took in the sights and sounds of a new country

Puerto Obaldia Amazon Riverboat